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last month

In June we went yard sailing, and found the stuff we needed to complete a deck chair makeover! We also tackled an art project: turning a beach stone into a keepsake. And finally, we took a trip out to Adamstown for the antiques extravaganza; picking up some ooak vintage finds! BTW: This month I'll feature a few of those great finds in my etsy shop!

Catch up on last month ;D

this month

We'll be hosting some friends soon... and you know we'll be outside enjoying dinner under the stars! This time, I'm going to enhance our evenings on the patio with some creative outdoor lighting techniques; all totally unplugged! Can't wait to show you what I've come up with.

Ever wonder what I like to do with all those things I pick up at the flea markets? Some just get a gentle clean up; but in many cases there's a transformation that needs to happen! Let's take a look back at some of my recent finds, what the clean up process is like... and how I transformed them into some of my favorite (and functional) vintage decor.

And what fun would it be without a flea market trip? This time we're heading out to Barto PA, home of Jake's flea market! I'll give you the skinny on this outdoor market place; best finds, vendors, and deals!



next month

Dog days of summer are here, and August 26 is National Dog Day. Just about every day at our house is "dog day", and I'll show you exactly what I mean... From custom pet beds to match your home decor, to puppy couture, to home made biscuits... I'll share some great ideas you can build, craft, or cook for your canine companions. Get a sneak peak of what's to come on my latest pinterest board;D

Coming soon ;D


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